3 Reasons You Should Get Fly Control This Year

When you think about insects that ruin a good time outdoors, your first thought is probably mosquitoes. Flies can be just as annoying and carry diseases as well. From backwoods to the backyard, without pre-emptive measures, flies can quickly take over a landscape and make it impossible to enjoy yourself. That’s why this year, you should consider investing in fly control for backyards.

1. Flies Affect People and Animals

Flies are annoying for people, of course, but they can pose a problem for animals as well. Deer and horse flies are even worse because they actively bite, unlike houseflies. If you live in a rural area, you know that flies carry major health risks for horses, cattle, and even hinders the harvesting of certain crops.

Fly control for horse barns prevents nasty infections like:

  • Equine infectious anemia (EIA), also known as “swamp fever,” a fatal viral condition.
  • Vesicular stomatitis (VSV) carried by black flies and sand flies, causing mouth blisters, fever, and it’s transmissible to humans.
  • Warble flies; lay their eggs on the legs and belly of a horse, causing tumor-like bulges beneath the skin.
  • Pigeon fever; causes swelling of the limbs, internal abscesses, and open sores.

Fly control for cattle is also crucial. Many diseases can pass from cattle to other animals, like horses. There’s also the financial damage to consider. Every time a fly causes a fatal infection in your cattle, you lose money by having to put them down.

2. Flies Carry Diseases

The common housefly is known to carry over 130 pathogens, include some serious and life-threatening diseases, mostly in the form of bacteria.

Some of these diseases include:

  • Typhoid
  • Cholera
  • E.Coli

While they don’t bite people the way deer and horseflies do, they are actually a greater risk to humans’ health because of their ability to spread diseases. After landing on surfaces, the bacteria and fungi on the fly’s body are transmitted to humans. Investing in fly control for your house reduces the transmission of bacteria and improves your whole family’s health.

3. Flies Ruin Backyard Fun

When the weather’s nice, it’s only natural you’d want to spend time on your patio grilling some burgers, lounging in the hammock, or playing with your family. However, it’s hard to enjoy a meal, a nap, or playing catch when you’re constantly swatting flies. And it’s not only the everyday backyard fun to consider. Many families choose to host graduation parties or wedding receptions in their own backyards. You might think of this as a more intimate setting to celebrate with friends and family. Flies see this as a major opportunity for food. If you’ve got such an event coming up, it’s better to call in the help of experts. Fly control for outdoor residential areas eliminates stress and frustration.

Call the Experts at Buzz Off Mosquito Solutions

Our expert technicians will assess your property’s needs, targeting both the adult flies and their larvae before they hatch. Fly control applications are made once every three to four weeks during the warmer months to ensure you and your family are protected. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call 715-281-3289 or contact us online. To learn more about pest control, follow our blog!

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