Why You Should Get Commercial Mosquito Control This Spring

A well-groomed golf course, restaurant patio, or public park all entice customers to spend their time there. However,  mosquitoes lurking in the landscape can throw off someone’s concentration and ruin a romantic meal or family picnic. Thankfully, there are commercial mosquito control options available to business owners. While spring is still several months away, now’s the time to consider how you will combat these annoying insects.

Mosquitoes Carry Diseasesmosquito on skin

Apart from the annoying itchy bites, mosquitoes are the deadliest animal in the world. They carry many diseases, including West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Zika, Dengue Fever, and others. Thankfully, many of these diseases are not a problem in North America, but why risk the health of yourself, employees, customers, and potentially their pets? Municipalities with dog parks can help keep the animals of their community safe by hiring yearly mosquito control.

Stop Mosquitoes From Breeding

Like clockwork, mosquitoes come out every year in the late spring. Mosquitoes love damp, wet areas with pooled, still water. This is where the biting females lay their eggs. The incubation period is brief. In as short a time as a week, you could have dozens of more adult mosquitoes. When you hire a commercial mosquito control service, the technician will be able to advise you of any problem areas on your business’s property. Common areas that may require attention include plant pots or other containers, birdbaths, ponds, clogged gutters, low-lying areas of grass, or even something as simple as a discarded drinking cup.

Mosquito Control Lets You Preserve Landscaping

Mosquitoes don’t like the heat of a summer day. That’s why they’re only active between dusk and dawn. During the peak daylight hours, mosquitoes seek shelter under rocks, tall grasses, trees, and shrubs. Unfortunately, all of those places are common features in commercial landscaping. Luckily, you won’t have to rip out your businesses’ lawn ornaments to eradicate mosquitoes. Your pest control technician will fog these areas, so they are no longer hospitable to mosquitoes.

Eradicate All Stages of Mosquitoesoutdoor seating at a restaurant

Repelling mosquitoes using odors or ultrasonic devices is simply putting a bandaid on the problem – not actually solving it. To truly combat mosquitoes, you’ll need to kill breeding adults and eggs before they hatch. Larvicides will be applied to watery breeding grounds to stop eggs and pupae, and adulticides are sprays and fogs that target flying adult mosquitoes. Your technician will help you locate problem areas on your commercial property and advise you on which chemical control agent is ideal for your situation. Many solutions are effective in as little as one day.

Spray And Forget About It

As a business owner, anything you can do to reduce overhead is a plus. Relying on citronella products only keeps mosquitoes at bay for so long, and the smell is not pleasing. Bug zappers and traps work to some degree, but they don’t make sense for every situation. No one is going to want to eat dinner on your restaurant patio listening to the sound of bugs dying. Hiring professional mosquito control is a one-time phone call or online form, and that’s it! Your technician will return to your property every three to four weeks and reapplying the chemical solution, so your property is protected all season long. Your customers will appreciate the pest-free outdoors, and you won’t waste money on inferior control solutions.

Buzz Off Mosquito Solutions Can Help With Mosquito Control For Wisconsin Businesses

Don’t let your commercial property become infested with the most annoying insects known to man! Fight back with a commercial-grade mosquito control program from the experts at Buzz Off Mosquito Solutions. Our team of professionals will assess your property and create a customized plan that delivers noticeable results in as little as one day. Call 715-281-3289 or contact us online to schedule an application. For more tips and info on pest control, be sure to check out our monthly blog.

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