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How to Avoid Those Annoying Wisconsin Pests in 2022

The new year is finally here and while we are months away from going outside and enjoying Sturgeon Bay’s warm weather, as soon as it returns, we will be joined by pests of all shapes and sizes. At Buzz Off Mosquito Solutions, we offer a wide range of pest control options including mosquito control and flea and tick control to suit your needs. Take a look at all the services we provide and let’s make 2022 a pest-free year!

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Where Do Wisconsin Insects Go In The Winter?

Here in Wisconsin, winter temperatures can get really cold. That means we can enjoy the winter without the threat of mosquitoes or other pests. But where do mosquitoes and other insects go in the winter and why do they seem to come back so fast next year? Keep reading to find out.

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The Best Places To See Beautiful Fall Colors In Wisconsin

Fall in Wisconsin is a sight to behold. Living in Wisconsin we have access to all the outdoor parks and lakes that are in this great state. While there are plenty of places to catch a glimpse of Mother Nature, here are our favorite places to see fall colors in Wisconsin. And when hanging out in your own backyard, protect your family from the wrath of mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks with mosquito control and flea and tick control from Buzz Off Mosquito.

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Biting Insects in Wisconsin and What You Can Do About It

Whether it’s hiking through a wooded trail or boating on Lake Michigan, here in Wisconsin we love to enjoy the outdoors. These areas are usually full of biting insects that can annoy you and even ruin your good time. The experts at Buzz Off Mosquito Control are here to tell you what bugs to watch out for and what you can do when they bite you. And remember, to keep your residential and commercial property safe, invest in our mosquito control and flea and tick control services.

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The Dangers of the Wisconsin Deer Fly & How to Steer Clear of Them

Attracted to the large number of lakes and wetlands in Wisconsin, the deer fly is annoying and can cause blistering, red welts where they bite. If you’re not quite familiar with the deer fly and why it’s such a nuisance for cattle ranchers, farmers, and homeowners, now is your time to find out. Read on and discover what makes this bothersome insect so dangerous and how you can help deter them from your Wisconsin backyard, including investing in Fly Control with Buzz Off Mosquito.

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What’s The Difference Between Mosquito Fogging vs Spraying

Mosquito spraying and mosquito fogging are both effective means of mosquito control, but they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Learn the difference between the two and how they can help protect you and your family from mosquitoes.

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How Dangerous Are Fleas and Ticks to Your Pets?

Here in Wisconsin, we love our furry best friends. Now that summer is in full force, so are the dreaded fleas and ticks. But just how dangerous are these creatures to your beloved pets? Find the answers, how to prevent them, and the symptoms to look for if your cat or dog is suffering from an infestation.

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Move over french fries, I’ll have a Side of Flies

Most of us think of eating insects as something we only see on reality game shows, but insects are part of their everyday diet in other parts of the world. Many insects are packed full of protein and nutrients. Learn which ones are edible and how to eat them. Then call the professionals at Buzz Off Mosquito, and we will take care of all your pest and mosquito control needs throughout Sturgeon Bay and beyond.

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Five Do-It-Yourself Mosquito Traps for Your Wisconsin Backyard

The abundance of mosquitoes in Wisconsin got you down? Here are five homemade mosquito traps you can make on your own-all low-budget, easy-to-do options using materials you have right at home. Or you can save time and energy and hire the professionals at Buzz Off Mosquito Control. Our mosquito control services will eliminate these buggers and get you back to enjoying outdoor living.

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These Are The Bug Spray Ingredients That Actually Work

While bug spray is a short-term solution to mosquito control, it’s still an advisable way to protect yourself and your family. There are many substances out there that claim to repel mosquitoes, but only a handful of ingredients have the science to back up their claims.

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